This course trains students to do ultra-modern interior designing and landscaping of all types of buildings and therefore gives students ample job opportunities in this field, both in India and abroad. The course is designed for students who have completed SSLC / Plus 2 and also for those who have done B.Tech / Diploma / ITI.

Part I – Engineering Graphics


Drawing instruments and their uses


Drawing sheet size &

Folding method

Layout and Title Block for drawing

Scale & Geometrical construction


Part II – Projection

Projection of points and solids

Orthographic projections

Isometric & Sectional view


Part III – Building Drawing

Plan, Section and Elevation

Building Details, Conventional signs

and Area Calculations


Part IV – Interior Design & Decoration

Basic elements and Principles of Interior Designing


Part V – Anthro Po-Metrics

(Human body proportion)


Part VI – Space Management

Residential design & Decoration


Part VII – Texturing & Floor Pattern

Electrical & lighting (with electrical layout)

Colour schemes


Part VIII – Material study

Part IX – Landscaping


Soft & Hard


Walls & Fences

Gate & Window gardening

Garden ornaments, water bodies

Garden structures

Soft landscaping

Site Measuring


Part X – Design Management

Experience as an employee to start a business and deal with clients

Vasthushastra & Feng Shui


Part XI – Specialized Courses in Space Management

(From Part I-V & VII-X in common)

A-Kitchen design & its appliances

Modular design theory

Types of kitchens

Kitchen storage & filled units

Modular kitchen drawings plan, elevation & isometrics

Kitchen work arrangements in large restaurant areas

Material used


B – Commercial spaces

Design for showroom spaces – Textile & Jewellery

Office spaces – Principles & typology

Calculation in space division

Floor area requirement

Open plan principles & design – Banks & Building societies

Office work station design


C – Restaurant design

Restaurant types & themed designs

Space requirement & arrangements

Furniture & accessories design

Restaurant kitchen

Landscaping garden arrangements

Soft furnishing


Part XII – Software

AutoCAD, 3DS Max + V-ray, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro

Duration: 12 months

Minimum Qualification: SSLC

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