Quality Enhancement Program 2019 (Creating Milestones Here and Now)

As a part of our Quality Enhancement Program 2019 (Creating Milestones Here and Now), We, Sree Sankaracharya Computer Centre Pvt Ltd. is conducting its Annual Staff Training for our staff to discuss related to its Courses, Syllabus Updation, Events, Goals and Activities for the Academic Year 2019-20.
Meetings Scheduled Dates : 
Centre Directors’ Meeting conducted on 11th March 2019, Monday 
Multimedia Department Staff Training conducted on 12th March 2019, Tuesday 
Accounting Lab Department Staff Training is scheduled for 14th March 2019 & 21st March 2019, Thursday
SAMBAT Department Staff Training is scheduled for 16th March 2019, Saturday
Hardware Department Staff Training is scheduled for 19th March 2019, Tuesday
Placement Staff Training is scheduled for 20th March 2019, Wednesday  
VIBES Department Staff Training is scheduled for 23rd March 2019, Saturday

Office Automation & Programming Department Staff Training is scheduled for 27th March 2019, Wednesday

Engineering Department Staff Training is scheduled for 28th March 2019, Thursday
Office Staff Training is scheduled for 23rd March 2019, Saturday
Course Counsellors Staff Training is scheduled for 27th March 2019,Wednesday
Centre Managers Meeting is scheduled for 3rd April 2019, Wednesday